Why do we have chapped lips?

Chapped lips are a very common problem, obviously very unattractive and uncomfortable. It can be painful too. You experience dryness, redness, cracking, flaking in your lips. Your lips become tender and sore.

Ever you wondered why your lips are red in comparison to the rest of your skin. Skin of lips is very thin and transparent. So the blood vessels beneath the skin are quite visible. Therefore, you can say that your lips are very soft and vulnerable in comparison to rest skin of your face. In addition to this, your lips don’t have oil glands also. So they’re almost always exposed to the harsh elements outside. So you ought to take extra care of your precious lips.

Some other reasons for your chapped lips may be the deficiency of the vitamin,  dehydration, smoking, excessive licking of lips, allergic reaction, sun exposure and harsh weather. Chapped lips generally occur in winter season but may trouble you in any season if you are prone to it.

Treatment of chapped lips

Applying lip balm – Since your lips don’t contain oil glands, to moisten it you have to apply lip balm frequently. Lip balm protects your delicate lip skin from the harsh elements. Choosing one high in emollients is a good idea, as it highly softens the skin.

Drink lots of water – Dehydration may be a major cause for your chapped lips. So, drinking adequate water may help you.

Avoid harsh cosmetics – If you are allergic to some chemicals or like the matte lipstick, it is better to stop using them. You can use lipstick which is high in emollients.

Stop licking your lips – Continuous licking your lips can cause dryness of your lips. So stop licking it frequently.

A Complete Solution To Your Chapped Lips

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